Empowering continuous patient care through real-time data exchange

Signify Health promotes whole-person well-being with Humana’s technology-enabled solutions.

Signify health completes more than one million in-home wellness assessments (IHWAs) yearly for Humana’s Medicare Advantage membership with a clinical network of more than 9,000 providers nationwide.

Beginning in Q2 2019, Signify Health partnered with Humana to connect their data in real time using a FHIR-compliant API. This new API allows for bidirectional feeds of member data between Signify Health’s internal frameworks to Humana’s “Common Core” framework. Signify Health is Humana’s first external vendor to tap into the “Common Core” framework.

Now, through the One Medication List (OML), Signify Health is able to retrieve real-time updates of a member’s current medications and up to the last six months of past medications at the time of the scheduled appointment, whether in the home or office. The OML also allows Signify Health clinicians to send updated medications back to Humana in real-time, identifying both new medications, as well as modifications to existing medications.

This not only improves the experience for the member, but also the provider, thus improving the quality of care being provided.